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Some of the highest rated schools in Tucson are within the school districts in Amphitheater, Catalina Foothills, Flowing Wells, Tucson Unified, and Vail.  Some are charter schools like BASIS and not within tradition school boundaries.  However, test scores and rankings only give a partial picture of any particular school, and should only be one piece to the information you consider in making a choice.  As someone who follows education policy and legislation, and has been in many school across Tucson, I can help augment what you find online with information that can only be gleaned by being active in schools.  As a co-founder of an education non-profit, I have interacted with many site principals and district superintendents throughout Tucson, and have more elements to convey that will help you narrow down the schools and districts that will match your educational imperatives.

Some initial research can be gathered by visiting the following websites:

AZLearns Top School Rankings for School Districts: Arizona Dept of Education Rankings for AzLearns

Great Schools Rankings: Great School Tucson Rankings-all grade levels, public, charter, private

AIMS scores can be found at this link: Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards testing 2010 & 2011

Contact me and we can talk more about what you are looking for in a school for your child(ren).


Linda is a realtor who specializes in schools.

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