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Searching for Homes:

There are two ways to search for homes in Tucson.  For an immediate search tool, click here.

However, many of the search engines that are readily available to search for homes on the web have outdated information.  Some homes that have been sold for 6 months will still show up “for sale”.  However, I can set you up with a free account that we realtors use that will allow you to search for homes in Tucson with real-time listings, plus a whole lot more!  This service gives you the same options, minus a few privacy items, that we realtors have access to when we are searching for homes: detailed search criteria, public records, satellite imagery, etc.  You must have me “invite” you to use the service via an email link, access isn’t available otherwise.  Simply send me your first and last name, with your email, and I can set you up with this powerful service.  🙂

For more personalized service, call/text or email me, and we can talk about your needs, and I will set up a search for you!  I will take into account all your “wants” and “needs”, discuss those of your children, and send you homes that I think will appeal to your requirements.

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